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about us

"Water flying" - the epitome of flying freedom and independence!

Baltic-Seaplane is the leading provider of seaplane flights in Germany.

We offer pilots the unique opportunity to acquire and maintain the seaplane license and to get a taste of seaplane flying.

Passengers can enjoy a unique scenic flight experience. We fly these in cooperation with “Fly&Sail” in Flensburg-Sonwik.

The “Baltic Seaplane GmbH” was founded in 2015 founded as an initiative by four experienced seaplane pilots and instructors. In the same year, the flight school (ATO) was set up and our training aircraft, a Cessna 172P on amphibious floats, was modernized and registered in Germany.

Since then we have been conveying this flying freedom on and over the Flensburg Fjord, the Danish South Seas and the Mecklenburg Lake District.

Qualified training in theory and practice is a matter of course for our experienced and competent team.

Co-founder and flight instructor Heiko Harms, as the author of the first German-language waterflight textbook: “Waterflying – The Paxis Handbuch für Piloten” (Mavenpress), also provides the standard work for waterplanes.

Experience boundless fascination from the waves to above the clouds.

We look forward to your visit at: "Baltic Seaplane"!

Let's fly floats!

We look forward to your visit at: "Baltic Seaplane"!

Let's fly floats!
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