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Seaplane Sightseeing Flights – A unique experience

Enjoy this adventure yourself, or make your loved ones happy, let them participate in the “fascination of seaplane flight” and give them a voucher for an unforgettable experience!

The approximately 30-minute sightseeing flight starts at the Sonwik hydroplane station in Flensburg. It takes you across the Flensburg Fjord past the Müwik Naval Academy, the Ochseninsel, Holnis Spitze (the “mother-in-law”) and Langballigau to the Gelting Bay. There you turn around and fly past Glücksburg Castle back to the starting point. Docking is again at the seaplane station.

Baltic-Seaplane GmbH is approved as an aviation company by the aviation authority of the state of Schleswig-Holstein.

For the sightseeing flights we work together with our partner “FLY&SAIL”.

Vouchers & Tickets

You can book vouchers and tickets online or directly at the seaplane station in Sonwik .

Ticket and voucher hotline: 0461 -150550